Mobility solutions that transform the world.

Sustainable mobility has been at the centre of our development since the very beginning. Therefore, we strive to make it attainable for every person on the planet, one software solution at a time. 

When we think about the future, we envision a technologically advanced and sustainable landscape, in all segments of life. This is what we aim to make a reality today — through making our sustainable mobility solutions available worldwide.

Let’s go with KINTO

Our company

KINTO Join Ltd is a software company headquartered in Epsom, Surrey. It is part of Toyota’s broader KINTO brand, dedicated to providing seamless and smart mobility solutions. 

At KINTO Join, we believe in creating innovative solutions that will revolutionise the daily lives of millions. This is why we open our doors to creative individuals from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds, as we value talent above all else. 

Our Solutions

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Our KINTO Join platform enables the revolution of people’s daily commutes. 

Businesses and organisations are empowered to reach their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, tracking the effect of sustainable mobility schemes in real-time through our customisable dashboards. 

Employees are given an opportunity to choose between carpooling or an active travel mode (walking, cycling) as a means of cutting costs, lowering their carbon footprint, and qualifying for potential employer incentives.

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Our KINTO Ride platform enables parents to easily organise their children’s commutes.

Parents are able to organise safe and reliable transport by professional drivers for their children, while simultaniously saving time, cutting costs, and lowering their carbon footprint.

Kids are empowered to forge stronger friendships with each other, as they spend more time together outside of school.

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals from parts of the globe, dedicated to changing the way the world moves through creativity, ingenuity and innovation. Our actions are driven by a strong belief in our vision of a more sustainable, and technologically-advanced future. 

We encourage freedom of expression, creative solutions and boldness, as well as allowing everyone to find their own flow and place in the company.

Be part of the travel revolution. Be part of KINTO Join Ltd.