Decarbonise Your Workplace with
KINTO Join’s Bike-to-Work Scheme

Drive Cycling Commutes. Reduce Scope 3 Emissions.
Measure and report CO2 Savings.

Gamify for Engagement

 Make commuting fun and competitive with KINTO Join’s in-app gamification. Leverage gamification to drive bike-to-work participation, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Incentivise for Success

Streamline reward management with KINTO Join’s journey verification. Boost participation in your cycling scheme and motivate more employees to choose the eco-friendly option.

Report for Compliance

Achieve effortless Scope 3 reporting with KINTO Join’s Client Admin Dashboard. Ensure compliance with government regulations and explore tax redemption opportunities.

Ready to Decarbonise Your Employees’ Commutes?
KINTO Join gives you the tools to make your bike-to-work scheme a success.

KINTO Join - mobility platform including carpooling and bike-to-work scheme

Beyond cycling: Embrace eco-friendly commuting with KINTO Join

KINTO Join integrates carpooling as an eco-friendly alternative for those unable to embrace cycling. It faciliates carpooling arrangement by allowing users to view and connect with co-workers based on shared routes, work hours and travel preferences.

ESG Compliance  Begins with Tracking:
Measure the Impact of Your Cycling Scheme

Discover a groundbreaking approach to employee commuting

We offer an all-in-one solution that encourages cycling and carpooling, monitors Scope 3 emission savings and facilitates ESG reporting. 

Mobile app for commuters

The app recognises and verifies cycling journeys, allowing users to gain insights into their CO2 savings.

Web panel for administration

Client Admin allows companies to administer users and rewards, gamify commuters’ experience and monitor Scope 3 emission savings.  

Dedicated support for all

Our devoted team helps  you get your workforce engaged and motivated for sustainable commuting. 

Bronze Package

Ideal for small businesses aiming to kickstart sustainable commuting programs, offering essential reporting features for walking and cycling initiatives.

2.500 €

*per year

Silver Package

Put an end to parking struggles. Witness seamless parking management that maximises space, minimises stress, and enhances the employee experience.

5.500 €

*per year

Gold Package

Tailored for companies committed to scaling sustainable commuting to new heights. Enjoy a fully scalable solution, personalized support to drive employee adoption, and maximize your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) impact.

9.000 €

*per year

Decarbonise. Now!

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