Ride-hailing for your transportation business

Digitalize your services to optimize fleet usage and meet new mobility demands.

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Did you know that the global ride hailing market is valued at USD 113 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach a value of USD 230 billion by 2026?

Source: Mordor Intelligence

Try KINTO Ride, the leading ride-hailing solution for transport operators

Automate your processes and maximize your ride-hailing profits

Optimize costs

Automatic ride plans allow you to optimize fleet usage and maximize the value of each ride.

Meet customer expectations

Easy-to-use mobile app allows you to provide customers with personalized services, whenever they need them.

Protect the environment

Route planning capabilities help you to reduce emissions by maximizing vehicle occupancy and selecting the fastest route for every ride.

All-in-one solution for an end-to-end delivery of your ride-hailing services.  

All-in-one solution for an end-to-end delivery of your ride hailing services.

Users’ app

Mobile app makes it easy for users to:

  • Book single or repeating rides
  • Make recurring payments
  • Track rides and receive ride updates in real-time

Operators’ app

Web-based platform empowers operators to manage everything in one place, without ever leaving the app.  

  • Register ride requests
  • Manage assets, drivers, and vehicles
  • Create ride plans either manually or automatically

Drivers’ app

Mobile app that allows drivers to:

  • Automatically receive ride plans
  • View weekly schedule
  • View active journeys and receive updates in real-time

Automatically create ride plans

The ability to automatically create ride plans saves you an immense amount of time and effort. The feature includes:

  • Option to configure settings such as avoiding tolls and limiting in-vehicle time for users
  • Advanced automation algorithm that maximizes the vehicle occupancy and chooses the best route for each ride
  • Possibility to review plans and accept/reject schedule suggestions before activating the plans

What makes KINTO Ride different?

All-in-one solution

The platform includes all modules needed for an end-to-end delivery of ride-hailing services.

Consulting services

We provide dedicated support at all levels – operator & user – before, during and after the scheme implementation.

KINTO eco-system

KINTO Ride is a part of KINTO family and can be integrated with other KINTO services for 360 ° corporate mobility.

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