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Are you looking to supercharge your sustainability efforts, comply with government regulations, and engage your employees in green initiatives? Look no further!
KINTO Join, a sustainable commuting platform, arrives with a mission:
to inspire and transform your employees’ daily commutes into a seamless blend of efficiency and sustainability, all while effortlessly upholding government sustainability regulations.

Empower Employees for Sustainable Commuting

Encourage employees to carpool, walk, or cycle to work, making their daily commutes more enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

Leverage the GHG Protocol

Measure and report Scope 3 emission savings and qualify for government incentives. Secure financial advantages while reducing your carbon footprint!

Elevate your CSR impact

Effortlessly integrate sustainable commuting into your CSR strategy to improve your sustainability profile, relationships with stakeholders, and overall business success.

Benefits due to sustainability efforts implemented by companies Worldwide 2021

KINTO Join – How does it work

KINTO Join is a sustainable commuting platform that connects coworkers sharing the same route to work, verifies green journeys (carpooling, walking, and cycling), and calculates Scope 3 emissions savings.

Emission Savings Reports

Easily quantify your sustainability efforts with KINTO Join’s Client Admin Panel. Effortlessly track and report on your ESG Scope 3 savings.

KINTO Join reporting dashboard, showing the performance of your sustainable commuting scheme
Gamification feature of KINTO Join.


Turn commuting into a fun, competitive, and rewarding experience with KINTO Join gamification. Seamlessly reward employees for their sustainable commuting choices.

Carpool to work – Matching

Empower employees to facilitate carpooling arrangements. Use the Client Admin Panel to effortlessly manage shifts and irregular work hours.

KINTO Join - Employee matching feature
KINTO Join - parking allocation feature

Parking management

Enhance your policy by allocating priority spaces to carpoolers. Utilise an automated ticketing process for real-time parking spot allocation.

Bronze Package

Ideal for small businesses aiming to kickstart sustainable commuting programs, offering essential reporting features for walking and cycling initiatives.

2.500 €

*per year

Silver Package

Put an end to parking struggles. Witness seamless parking management that maximises space, minimises stress, and enhances the employee experience.

5.500 €

*per year

Gold Package

Tailored for large companies and enterprises committed to scaling sustainable commuting to new heights. Enjoy a fully scalable solution, personalized support to drive employee adoption, and maximize your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) impact.

9.000 €

*per year

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