Quantify your sustainable mobility potential


Tell us how your employees commute (approximate data is ok), and we will send you a report on your current commuting emissions and potential for CO2 savings.

Number of employees:

Avg. commute distance (one-way): km

% of employees driving to work: %

Enter the email address to which you would like to receive your personalised report

The report provides useful estimates of the expected emission reductions if sustainable commuting is implemented at 25%, 50% and 75%.

This helps create a Scope 3 reporting strategy, sustainable mobility initiatives and even strategies to obtain more carbon credits.

Why Shift To Sustainable Commuting

Efficient Commutes

 Optimize employee commutes with carpooling, reducing traffic congestion and boosting productivity

Sustainable Impact

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals. Use the sustainability report and apply for government subsidies based on your location

Parking Management

Reduce the required parking spaces and reward carpoolers with dedicated parking spots

If you’re unsure about the required data for the calculations above, please get in touch.