Technology that improves your life.

Technology that improves your life.

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An ever-evolving company, Toyota founded its KINTO brand as a flagship for all mobility service solutions. Stemming from a firm belief that everyone should have the freedom to move, KINTO strives to support just this.

The Japanese Kinto-un translates to “flying nimbus” – a cloud that takes you wherever you want to go, at any time. Our technical solutions do just that. 

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KINTO is all about seamless technology; users getting from point A to point B simply and hassle-free. 

With KINTO Join, we make commuting simple, by enabling carpooling and active travel modes. In turn, this allows for less parking and traffic congestion.

We are revolutionising the way employees travel to work.

better commuting options
simple ride scheduling

With KINTO Ride, we make school runs easy, by enabling organised rides for kids. This allows transport organisations to automate their scheduling process, and enriches parents’ lives.

We are revolutionising the way kids travel to school.

Currently present in 7 countries, our mobility solutions are expected to hit new markets soon. 

Our solutions bundle

Our KINTO Join platform provides seamless commutes and simple tracking of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

Business and organisations are enabled to tackle parking congestion and mobility challenges. They can also actively track the effect of sustainable mobility schemes that are put in place, in real-time. 

solutions - kinto join dashboard

By accessing the KINTO Join admin dashboard, they are able to customise what they want to track – NOx, CO2 savings, number of active users, etc. This empowers them to further incentivise employees to choose sustainable commuting options, as well as set easy-to-track sustainability targets.

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On the other side, employees are encouraged to carpool or choose an active travel mode for their commute. This enables them to find a parking spot more easily, as well as cuts their commuting costs. To boot, their carbon footprint is reduced.

Employees can improve relationships with coworkers by carpooling, as well as their health through active travel modes (walking, cycling). 

Believe KINTO Join is the best fit for your business? Book a meeting with our sales representatives to learn about all the perks.

Our KINTO Ride platform provides a simple way for professional transport businesses to automate their processes, and for parents to organise their children’s commutes.

Transport organisations are enabled to automate their process through the platform, with dispatchers having access to the panel with all ride requests and drivers, making the matching process seamless. 

solutions - ride request management

Our dashboard enables transport operators to see all pending ride requests and assign drivers to them, allowing for a simple and easy-to-track running of everyday operations.

With just a few clicks, parents can schedule rides for their children’s school runs and other activities. Once a ride request has been sent, our dispatchers will send a driver to the set pick-up location, and the children will be safely transported to school/other locations.

As there will be multiple children going in the same direction, this enables them to strengthen connections and broaden their friendship circle, while saving the parents time and money. 

ride scheduling

Want to automate your process with KINTO Ride? Book a meeting with our sales representatives to learn more about the platform.