Benefits for your business.

  • Reduce parking demand by up to 22%
  • Reliable transportation for your employees
  • Help relieve local traffic congestion
  • Achieve your sustainability targets

Benefits for your employees.

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Reliable and comfortable transportation to work
  • A stronger internal social network
  • Rewards & Incentives you offer (e.g. priority parking, meal coupons, etc.)

Did you know?

  • The first car sharing program, “Sefage”,  was launched in Zurich, in 1948
  • Transport accounts for a quarter of the EU greenhouse gas emissions 
  • In large organisations, up to 96% of co-workers could car share to work
  • Adding incentives for carpoolers will increase your car scheme success by around 18% in just six months

Europe commuting facts.

  • Around 200 million people commute to work every day
  • Up to 70% of Europeans commute to work by car
  • The average commuting time is 25min
  • The EU launched MOMO CAR-SHARING, a campaign to promote car-sharing back in 2008, as part of its effort to promote sustainable mobility options

With KINTO Join as a partner you can:

  • Get a report on your CO2 and NOx emissions savings
  • Get a report on the usage of your parking facilities
  • Get verification of all shared car journeys, to reward proven carpoolers
  • Get support in crafting and promoting your own car, or active travel, scheme


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