Why implement a car share scheme?

Benefits for your business.

  • Reduce parking demand by up to 22%
  • Reliable transportation for your employees
  • Help relieve local traffic congestion
  • Achieve your sustainability targets

Benefits for your employees.

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Reliable and comfortable transportation to work
  • A stronger internal social network
  • Rewards & Incentives you offer (e.g. priority parking, meal coupons, etc.)

Did you know?

  • The first car sharing program, “Sefage”,  was launched in Zurich, in 1948
  • Transport accounts for a quarter of the EU greenhouse gas emissions 
  • In large organisations, up to 96% of co-workers could car share to work
  • Adding incentives for carpoolers will increase your car scheme success by around 18% in just six months

Europe commuting facts.

  • Around 200 million people commute to work every day
  • Up to 70% of Europeans commute to work by car
  • The average commuting time is 25min
  • The EU launched MOMO CAR-SHARING, a campaign to promote car-sharing back in 2008, as part of its effort to promote sustainable mobility options

With KINTO Join as a partner you can:

  • Get a report on your CO2 and NOx emissions savings
  • Get a report on the usage of your parking facilities
  • Get verification of all shared car journeys, to reward proven carpoolers
  • Get support in crafting and promoting your own car, or active travel, scheme

Active Travel Modes: KINTO Join’s Travel Revolution

Imagine a world without a carbon footprint.

Though the idea of no pollution still may be just an abstract concept — we believe that striving for it is not in vain!

With KINTO Join’s unique carpooling technology we have enabled the reduction of the total number of cars on the streets thus lowering the global environmental footprint. 

However, we didn’t stop there — we have gone a step further and created two additional features to help further the cause —  Walking and Cycling. With these additions, our dream of a pollution-free world draws closer!


What are the Walking and Cycling features?

Walking and Cycling are brand new functionalities of the KINTO Join app intended to enable employees to choose active travel. This allows employees to walk or cycle to work.

It’s extremely easy to set up: simply tap on start journey and select Walking/Cycling as your mode of transport.

What is more — you don’t even need to connect with colleagues to get potential incentives and rewards — the simple act of choosing active travel is enough! But, you’re free to do so if you wish!

Who are these features for?

The simple answer — anyone!

The more realistic one — this is an option for people who live close to their place of work, making walking or cycling to work a feasible feat.   

As an extra idea — choose to walk/cycle to work with colleagues to strengthen your professional relationship and friendship, while saving the planet! 

How can you benefit from active travel modes?

The Walking and Cycling features give amazing opportunities to organisations to reward employees who are making a choice to save the planet! 

We have a few ideas of how you can start — organise challenges and:

  • reward users according to km they walked/cycled, 
  • reward users for their CO2 savings, 
  • organise a leaderboard and reward the most active users.
track your impact

What could the rewards be? Really anything you can think of that can benefit your employees —  coupons, vouchers, free courses and training, etc. 

Just remember — it’s not about the competition, we are all contributing to the same cause! It’s about rewarding the effort to fight for our well-being!